Cold Steel War Hammer

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Dive into the world of Cold Steel War Hammers, where power and precision meet in a striking display of combat! Join us as we explore the top-rated War Hammers available on the market, each designed with unyielding strength and razor-sharp functionality. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior as we take you on a journey through the best Cold Steel War Hammers out there!

The Top 19 Best Cold Steel War Hammer

  1. Cold Steel War Hawk Tactical Drop Point Spike — The Cold Steel War Hawk is a stylish and practical tactical axe, combining historical design elements with modern materials and a functional reversed Tanto spike, all wrapped in a durable Secure-EX sheath for secure holding and easy maintenance.
  2. Lightweight Trail Hawk Axe by Cold Steel — Experience the versatility and durability of the Cold Steel Trail Hawk Tactical Gear, featuring a forged 1055 carbon steel head, Hickory handle, hammer poll, and a lightweight design perfect for Survivalists, Preppers, and Outdoorsmen alike.
  3. Cold Steel Drop Point Spike with Secure-Ex Sheath — Experience the sharp cutting edge and rugged durability of the Cold Steel Drop Point Spike, a reliable weapon for modern warriors.
  4. Cold Steel Trench Hawk: Powerful and Durable Antidote to Confined Combat — The Cold Steel Trench Hawk is a versatile, durable, and effective combat tool featuring a shock-absorbent handle, versatile cutting edge and spike, and unmatched durability through 5150 carbon steel construction.
  5. Safe, Durable Axe Gang Hatchet Trainer for Practicing Swordplay — Stay safe and train like a pro with Cold Steel’s durable, polypropylene Axe Gang Hatchet Trainer — the perfect blend of safety and authenticity for both beginners and expert weapons handlers.
  6. Cold Steel Trench Hawk Replacement Handle — War Hammer with Hickory Wood — Experience the strength and durability of the Cold Steel War Hammer 30in replacement handle, boasting a 30-inch overall length and constructed of straight grain hickory for ultimate grip and performance.
  7. Viking Battle Axe: 1055 High Carbon Steel for Enthusiasts — Step into the thrilling world of viking warriors with this historically-inspired, practical Cold Steel Viking Battle Axe, featuring a 1055 Carbon Steel head and American Hickory handle — perfect for a touch of history and adventure in your home!
  8. Cold Steel Norse Hawk: Durable Handled Sword for Camping and Outdoor Activities — The Cold Steel Norse Hawk boasts a highly curved cutting edge, terminating in two sharp points, perfect for camping, and constructed with a durable wooden handle.
  9. Cold Steel Maa La Fontaine Sword of War: Battle-Ready English Backsword with Elaborate Ring Guards — Experience the perfect blend of historical accuracy and modern craftsmanship with the Cold Steel Maa La Fontaine Sword of War, a stunning two-handed Greatsword inspired by the 16th century.
  10. Cold Steel 90WHA War Hammer: Drop Forged and Ready for Battle — The Cold Steel 90WHA 30" War Hammer is a powerful and maneuverable weapon, featuring a drop forged 1055 carbon steel head and a sturdy American Hickory handle, offering excellent leverage and protection at an affordable price.
  11. Cold Steel Templar Thrower: High-Quality, Sharp, and Durable Axe — Experience the sharp edge and durable body of the Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet, featuring soft steel and a heat-treated head, perfect for all your adventurous needs!
  12. M48 Double-Headed War Hammer — Vicious 6 1/2" Stainless Steel Design with Skull Crusher and Penetrating Points — Protect yourself in style with the M48 Double-Headed War Hammer, featuring a 2Cr13 stainless steel double-head, durable handle, and tactical paracord grooves.
  13. M48 Double-headed War Hammer XL: Versatile and Tough Injection Molded Nylon Handle — Unleash your inner warrior with the M48 Double-headed War Hammer XL, featuring a 6 1/2", 2Cr13 stainless steel double-head, skull crusher hammer head, and versatile paracord-wrapped injection molded handle.
  14. Reliable Warrington Hammer for versatile use — The 300gr Warrington Hammer is a quality-assured, proven and tested hammer designed with the user in mind, designed to withstand even the toughest jobs, and perfect for users looking for a durable and reliable tool for their cabinetmaking projects.
  15. Authentic German Medieval War Hammer — Experience the might and power of a Circa 1350 medieval German war hammer replica from Windlass Steelcrafts, authentically designed with a sturdy steel head, hardwood shaft, and brass tack grip for unparalleled quality and historical accuracy.
  16. United M48 Kommando Survival Hammer for Hiking & Camping — 37–3/8" Black Oxide-Coated Stainless Steel & Fiberglass — The United M48 Kommando Survival Hammer, a versatile 37-inch durable walking cane with a 2Cr13 stainless steel head, offers protection, breaching, and camping features for your adventures.
  17. Medieval Venetian War Hammer: Cold Steel and Unmatched Versatility — The Venetian War Hammer by Medieval Collectibles, a Cold Steel War Hammer, offers a balanced design with hammer, spike, and spear attack points, perfect for both offense and defense against armored opponents.
  18. Durable Steel Mash Hammer for Heavy-Duty Applications — Experience reliable and robust mashing with the Bon Tool 11–493 Steel 3 lb Mash Hammer, featuring a single-piece forged construction, lightweight design, and durable steel handle.
  19. Forged Steel Engineer’s Hammer for Heavy Duty Tasks — The Estwing Mrf40e Sure Strike Engineer Hammer offers a heavy-duty, reliable, and versatile solution for precision jobs, with its forged steel head, jacked fiberglass handle, and durability that makes it a top choice for professionals.


Cold Steel War Hawk Tactical Drop Point Spike


The Cold Steel War Hawk is a versatile axe that packs a punch for its size. As a reviewer who’s had the pleasure of using this tool extensively, the first thing I must commend is its durability. The drop forged 1055 carbon steel construction ensures an unparalleled strength, allowing it to easily cut through tough materials without showing signs of wear and tear.

The War Hawk’s 8.5-inch hawk length and 19-inch overall length provide a balance between ease of use and power, making it a fantastic choice for various tasks. Its design is inspired by classic fighting hand-axes and features a wide, bearded axe head and reinforced Tanto-style spike. However, one drawback is the slippery handle that can be quite problematic during intensive use.

The included Secure-EX sheath is a thoughtful addition, offering safe storage and easy portability. While I appreciate the care instructions provided, I found the need to hand wash the axe regularly a bit tedious. Despite the minor drawbacks, the Cold Steel War Hawk is a robust and versatile option that could be the perfect companion for those in need of a tactical tool.

Lightweight Trail Hawk Axe by Cold Steel


I’ve been using the Cold Steel Trail Hawk Tactical Axe for a while now, and it’s definitely been a game-changer. The 6.5-inch head is no joke, and I’ve used it for all kinds of tasks — from chopping wood to driving nails. The hammer on the tool is surprisingly helpful too!

The handle on this thing is fantastic. It’s made from American Hickory Hardwood, and it’s super comfortable to grip. The dimensions are just right, making it easy to tuck under my belt or strap onto a backpack when I’m out and about.

However, one thing that’s worth mentioning is the weight. At only 1 oz, it’s a bit lighter than I expected. But honestly, it’s not exactly a deal-breaker. The power and efficiency I get from this little guy more than make up for its lack of heft.

In terms of the downsides, there’s one issue that I’ve run into. The head of the axe is made of 1055 steel, which is a bit softer than some other materials I’ve used. It means that I have to be a bit more careful when I’m using it, especially when I’m chopping through thicker materials.

Overall, though, I’m really happy with the Cold Steel Trail Hawk Tactical Axe. It’s proven to be a reliable and versatile tool that’s been a great addition to my outdoor gear.

Cold Steel Drop Point Spike with Secure-Ex Sheath


The Cold Steel Trench Hawk quickly became a staple in my daily life. The sharp cutting edge and wedge-style spike were perfect for various tasks, from chopping wood to gardening. Its durability was truly impressive, with the drop-forged 1055 carbon steel and differentially hardened head taking a beating without showing signs of wear.

I also appreciated the shock-resistant handle, which withstood the worst of my abuse without cracking. However, the packaging left a bit to be desired, with bubbles and dents causing damage to the outer casing.

Nonetheless, the Trench Hawk’s performance more than made up for these minor issues, making it a fantastic addition to my tool collection.

Cold Steel Trench Hawk: Powerful and Durable Antidote to Confined Combat


Earlier this fall, I got my hands on the Cold Steel Trench Hawk and started using it for all sorts of work. The first thing that struck me was the weight — it’s hefty, but not unwieldy. In fact, the carefully designed handle makes it easy to grip and swing with confidence.

The cutting edge of the blade? Sharp as a tack, but it’s not the sharpest I’ve seen on a survival tool. The spike on the other end? A bit blunt for my liking, but still useful when I needed it to do some serious pounding.

Now, let’s talk about the sheath. It’s designed to be tough, and it’s definitely done its job. But sometimes, I found myself cursing its lack of a belt clip, especially when I had to drop it after a short stint of use.

Overall, the Cold Steel Trench Hawk is a rugged tool with its own set of pros and cons. It gets the job done, but I wouldn’t throw it around on a whim — there’s just a tad too much going on to make it perfect.

But if you’re willing to give it a bit of extra care, this tool could be just the thing you need in a pinch.

Safe, Durable Axe Gang Hatchet Trainer for Practicing Swordplay


The Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet Trainer has become my go-to tool for practicing my axe skills safely. I was initially surprised by its sturdiness, made of a heavy-duty polypropylene material. Despite the plastic build, the overall length and weight closely match that of a real axe. This makes for an authentic training experience without the risk of injury.

However, I did notice that the material is quite rigid and can make the experience slightly less smooth compared to a wooden one. On the downside, the plastic material may cause a sense of ‘cheapness’, which can be off-putting for some users.

Overall, the Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet Trainer is definitely a handy tool for those serious about honing their axe wielding skills. It is safe, durable, and offers an effective simulation of real combat. It’s just a shame that the plastic build might not appeal to everyone.

Cold Steel Trench Hawk Replacement Handle — War Hammer with Hickory Wood


I recently tried the Cold Steel War Hammer 30in Handle replacement, and overall it proved to be a reliable and well-built tool. This handle is made of a strong straight grain hickory with an added touch of style thanks to the included langettes, giving it a unique character. The overall length of 30 inches and its weight of 35.3 ounces adds to the hammer’s versatility, allowing for various applications.

However, the process of installation did feel a bit tricky, as I needed to be cautious with the measurements and proper placement. Nonetheless, this replacement handle proved to be a worthy investment, providing a reliable grip and comfort while in use.

Viking Battle Axe: 1055 High Carbon Steel for Enthusiasts


Imagine yourself transported back in time, wielding the mighty Viking battle axe in the heat of battle. The Cold Steel Viking 2-Handed Battle Axe is a perfect replica of the traditional battle axes used by Viking warriors, offering the best of both worlds: a historic marvel and a practical tool.

The battle axe features a curved cutting edge, 2 sharp points, and hooked ends, all reminiscent of the iconic designs of its predecessors. With a total length of 76.2 cm and weighing 968 grams, you’ll feel the power in your hands as you use this durable axe for various tasks. The American Hickory handle provides both comfort and sturdiness, making it suitable for both display and use.

However, this battle axe does come with its fair share of drawbacks. Users have reported issues with the handle’s dimensions, requiring modifications to securely fit the axe head. Additionally, the Taiwanese production may disappoint some customers expecting a “Cold Steel” branded product. Some users even opted to keep it as a display item rather than a functional tool.

Despite the flaws, the Cold Steel Viking 2-Handed Battle Axe remains an impressive replica that brings history to life. Its striking, nostalgic design and relatively affordable price make it a unique addition to any collection.

Cold Steel Norse Hawk: Durable Handled Sword for Camping and Outdoor Activities


Experience the thrill of wielding a true Norse weapon with Cold Steel’s Norse Hawk cutting ax. The sleek, durable wooden handle is crafted by the brand and adds a touch of authenticity to the hand-held beauty. The blade, with a 102mm length and black color, features a highly curved cutting edge that terminates in two sharp points.

While the product is excellent for those who enjoy using axes for cutting, splitting wood, or simply as a weapon, there are a few minor drawbacks. Some reviewers noted that there were quality control issues with the handle, producing some splintering during use. In addition, the set-screw for attaching the axe head to the handle is a bit flimsy, leading users looking for a more substantial hold on their weapon.

Despite these small cons, the Norse Hawk’s design and cutting prowess make it a worthy addition to any toolbox or weapon collection. Its reasonable weight and comfortable grip make it easy to use and maintain. It’s a perfect companion for camping, hunting expeditions or those who simply appreciate the artisanal craftsmanship of old world weapons.

In conclusion, the Cold Steel Norse Hawk is an impressive, highly practical tool for cutting, splitting hard surfaces like wood, and can even serve as a weapon for those looking for a versatile addition to their collection. However, remember to handle it with care — its sharp blade can cause serious injuries if not respected. With a bit of maintenance and the right precautions, this Norse axe will be an indispensable part of your daily life.

Cold Steel Maa La Fontaine Sword of War: Battle-Ready English Backsword with Elaborate Ring Guards


Experience the brilliance of the Cold Steel Maa La Fontaine Sword of War, with its sophisticated craftsmanship that merges the essence of a 16th century two-hander with the complex hilt of a longsword. Crafted with meticulous attention, this sword’s blade is made from 1050 high carbon steel, giving it a robust yet sharp edge, perfect for chopping and hacking. The deep blue finish offers a sleek, blackened look that oozes sophistication and lethal precision.

The guard and pommel, both made of blackened steel, add a layer of protection to your hands and forearms, ensuring you remain in the game during grueling training or combat sessions. The overlaid stitched black leather grip provides a firm yet comfortable grip, allowing you to wield the sword with ease and confidence.

This sword also comes equipped with a top-notch leather scabbard, complete with blackened steel fittings to secure it safely and efficiently. Its long, robust blade and well-designed grip make for an effortless and natural swing, turning this weapon into more than just an eye-catching display piece.

While the Maa La Fontaine Sword of War may seem weighty at first, its balanced design ensures it moves and strikes with precision and agility. Whether you’re preparing for battle or upping your workout routine, this sword delivers without compromising on quality and safety.

This remarkable Cold Steel Two-Handed Sword has already impressed users with its impeccable performance and craftsmanship. With its 5-star rating and glowing reviews, it’s clear that this sword stands out from the rest as a weapon of choice for those in need of power, protection, and style.

Cold Steel 90WHA War Hammer: Drop Forged and Ready for Battle


I recently had the chance to experience the thrill of wielding the Cold Steel War Hammer, and let me tell you, it was quite a ride! This replica from the 13th century transported me straight into the heart of the battlefield, where chivalry and brute force were the order of the day.

The weapon’s most striking feature was undoubtedly its imposing nature. With a 30-inch handle made of straight grain American Hickory, it offered tremendous leverage, making it a force to be reckoned with. The head, drop forged out of 1055 steel, was perfectly balanced and durable, ensuring that it could withstand even the most intense blows.

However, there was one aspect of the War Hammer that I found a bit less than satisfactory — the included langets. Although they were designed to protect the handle from assault, I found that the screws provided were far from sturdy, causing them to break during assembly. I eventually managed to secure them in place using alternative methods, but it was definitely a moment of frustration.

Overall, the Cold Steel War Hammer was a thrilling experience, but it did come with its share of challenges. With a few tweaks, such as reinforcing the langets and offering pre-assembled options, this weapon could have been the perfect addition to my medieval-inspired arsenal. Nonetheless, for those seeking a realistic and engaging way to step into the shoes of a 13th-century knight, the War Hammer is definitely worth a try.

Cold Steel Templar Thrower: High-Quality, Sharp, and Durable Axe


Cold steel’s Axe Gang Hatchet is an impressive tool that’s designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. As someone who’s recently tried their hand at axe throwing, I can certainly attest to the quality and balance of this hatchet. The first thing that caught my attention was the stunning design, with the rich Chinese Kanji characters on the handle of the axe.

In terms of performance, the hatchet’s heat-treated head delivered a remarkably sharp edge, making it capable of achieving an incredible level of sharpness. The body of the axe itself was able to absorb hard blows with ease, adding to its durability. I was particularly impressed with the handle, which was crafted from American Hickory wood, a material renowned for its strength and resilience.

The 1055 carbon steel used in the head provided a solid weight of 900 g, allowing for both one-handed and two-handed throwing while maintaining a good purchase and grip. The blade length of 5 inches was ideal for axe throwing, enabling a comfortable grip and optimal accuracy.

However, there were a few drawbacks to using this hatchet. While the handle itself provided a comfortable grip, it was found to be slippery when wet — something to keep in mind when using the axe in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Additionally, the axe blade did require some effort to sharpen initially, but this was most likely due to the fact that it hadn’t been sharpened out-of-the-box.

Overall, the Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet was a great addition to my collection and provided an enjoyable and productive experience as I honed my axe throwing skills. With its striking design, commendable performance, and reasonable price point, this hatchet is a worthy item for anyone stepping into the world of axe throwing, or for those who just appreciate a top-notch tool for outdoor activities.

M48 Double-Headed War Hammer — Vicious 6 1/2" Stainless Steel Design with Skull Crusher and Penetrating Points


As a true collector and medieval enthusiast, I was ecstatic to receive the M48 Double-Headed War Hammer by Medieval Collectibles. The first thing that caught my eye was the hammer’s vicious 6.5'’ stainless steel double-head with a black oxide coating and a satin finish. The skull crusher on top of the hammer was an impressive feature, along with the five penetrating points on each square-shaped head.

However, one area that could use some improvement is the handle. While injection-molded nylon can be an excellent material, the handle felt slightly uncomfortable in my hands. But don’t take my word for it, the reviews are mixed, with some users calling it “Awesome” and others finding it “a bit uncomfortable. “

Overall, I appreciate the unique design and quality craftsmanship of this double-headed war hammer. I’m confident it would serve its purpose well in the right hands, whether for display or training.

M48 Double-headed War Hammer XL: Versatile and Tough Injection Molded Nylon Handle


The M48 Double-headed War Hammer XL: a reliable companion in your outdoor escapades. Its sleek 6 1/2", 2Cr13 stainless steel double-head, adorned with a skull crusher and five penetrating points, is a sight to behold and an asset to your arsenal. The hammer’s handle, crafted from injection molded nylon with a touch of reinforced fiberglass, offers a sturdy yet comfortable grip.

The unique paracord handle fitting adds an extra layer of customization, while the TPR head cover and removable nylon belt loop ensure protection and convenience. Overall, the M48 Double-headed War Hammer XL is a tool that stands ready to face the challenges of the wild with you.

Reliable Warrington Hammer for versatile use


I recently tried the Warrington Hammer, and it was a game-changer in my woodworking projects. The cross-pin on one side really helps in starting small brads without any finger injuries.

Flipping the hammer, I’m able to drive nails with ease, even in tight corners and close to vertical pieces. The traditional design of this hammer is just reminiscent of old-school craftsmanship, and it’s a true pleasure to hold and use.

The quality is top-notch, and it’s been tested under real-world conditions to ensure durability and functionality. The Warrington Hammer truly lives up to its name and is worth every penny. Overall, it’s a reliable and efficient tool for any woodworking task.

Authentic German Medieval War Hammer


When I first held this German Medieval War Hammer, its weight and craftsmanship immediately struck me. It’s like having a piece of history in my hands, a connection to the past. The cold steel head, secured to the hardwood shaft with steel langets, and the brass tacks providing a secure grip, show attention to detail — a true testament to its value.

Having it in my daily life gives a new perspective on the medieval era, something I wouldn’t trade for anything. While it may be a bit heavier than I expected, it’s a small price to pay for such a remarkable piece that reminds me of our ancestors’ resilience and strength.

United M48 Kommando Survival Hammer for Hiking & Camping — 37–3/8" Black Oxide-Coated Stainless Steel & Fiberglass


The United M48 Kommando Survival Hammer, a versatile companion for avid hikers and campers, boasts of its 37–3/8-inch overall length that serves as a handy walking staff. Its black oxide-coated 2Cr13 stainless steel head can effortlessly pummel through almost anything you may encounter during your adventures.

Adding to its tactical prowess, the cane handle comes with a defensive war hammer head and a curved back spike — perfect for those dire situations and breaching needs. Designed with top-grade materials, this sturdy piece features a 30-percent fiberglass reinforced nylon handle that’s nearly indestructible and secured by metal bolts. The axe head is firmly attached to the handle, and the inclusion of a rubber toe on the end of the cane adds an extra layer of protection.

My first impression of the M48 Kommando Survival Hammer was its hefty weight, which I soon grew to appreciate when tackling challenging terrains. Its strong and unwavering structure has proven to be a reliable companion on my excursions.

However, while it performs exceptionally in defensive scenarios, one cannot deny that its hefty design may make it less ideally suited for casual walks or as an everyday cane. Despite this minor caveat, the M48 Kommando Survival Hammer remains a top-notch choice for anyone seeking both a formidable self-defense tool and a durable walking companion.

Medieval Venetian War Hammer: Cold Steel and Unmatched Versatility


The Venetian War Hammer from Medieval Collectibles is a piece of history brought to life. It’s not just a pretty hammer, but it’s also a masterpiece of design and functionality. Based on historical models, it has a perfect balance that allows you to wield it with ease, whether you’re attacking or defending. The carbon steel head is handcrafted, giving the hammer a unique advantage against armored foes.

While it may look intimidating, it’s not just for show. The hammer head can deliver blunt force trauma, the reverse spike poll can hook riders and pierce plate, and the thin spear point can slip through the chinks in armor. The secure point of attachment is done with langets, making sure the weapon stays firmly in your grasp.

It might sound like the stuff of fantasy, but this Venetian War Hammer is very much real and functional. It’s a great addition to any medieval reenactment or cosplay event, or even a conversation starter at home. But remember, it’s not just a toy — it’s a piece of history that demands respect.

Durable Steel Mash Hammer for Heavy-Duty Applications


In my daily construction routine, I’ve had the pleasure of using this steel mash hammer by Bon Tool. Known for its single-piece forged construction, it exudes the perfect combination of reliability and ruggedness. What initially stood out to me was the hammer’s lightweight 3 lb. steel head, featuring a nylon cushion grip handle. Not only does it make it easier to handle for an extended period, but it also helps prevent fatigue. I’ve come to appreciate the hammer’s high-quality steel, which is polished to a shine for added durability and resilience against rust.

The beveled edge, though finely forged, hasn’t been a problem for me. However, it could potentially take some time getting accustomed to if you’re not familiar with the tool. On the other hand, the polished face adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise sturdy piece of equipment.

The 3 lb. steel head is perfect for my needs, offering balanced, yet powerful performance. But it’s the comfortable nylon cushion grip that really makes the difference, providing a secure and snug fit that prevents slipping, even when the job gets sweaty.

Overall, using this steel mash hammer has been a game-changer in my construction projects. Not only does it work flawlessly, but it’s also comfortable, durable, and adds a touch of finesse to my work. The only thing I might suggest to those in the market is to always remember to wear eye protection when using hammers.

Forged Steel Engineer’s Hammer for Heavy Duty Tasks


When I held the Estwing Sure Strike 40 oz. Engineer’s Hammer for the first time, it felt solid and sturdy. Its jacketed fiberglass handle feels comfortable in my hands, and the weight made me confident when swinging it. The dual-faced hammer is perfect for tasks like driving stakes or removing old flooring.

One unique feature of this hammer is its hardened and tempered forged steel head. It doesn’t scratch easily and remains in great condition even after years of heavy use. I particularly enjoyed its beveled face which provides a more precise impact on hard surfaces like concrete or metal objects. A drawback, however, is the lack of a vibration-reducing system which could make long-term handling less comfortable.

Despite this minor issue, I have found that this Estwing Engineer’s Hammer is an excellent tool for heavy work and precision tasks, and I have no doubt it will last for a long time. I’m sure many others will love it too because, regardless of who uses it or how it is used, it simply gets the job done efficiently.

Buyer’s Guide

The Cold Steel War Hammer is an essential tool for any blacksmith or metallurgist working with heavy-duty applications. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the general features and considerations when choosing a cold steel war hammer. We will also provide advice for those new to the product category to ensure an informed purchase. Remember, do not overlook these points when deciding which war hammer to buy.



When considering a cold steel war hammer, the first aspect to consider is the material used. Cold steel war hammers can be made of various metals such as steel, iron, or even brass. Steel is the most popular choice due to its durability and strength. A high-carbon steel war hammer, for example, might provide a superior edge retention and durability in the long run. Always check the material specifications and ensure it meets your requirements before making a purchase.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a cold steel war hammer can significantly impact its performance and ease of use. For blacksmithing or metalworking applications, you might want to look for a larger, heavier hammer that can handle the stresses put on it during use. However, larger hammers can also be more difficult to control, so consider your comfort and skill level when choosing a size. Typically, the weight of a war hammer ranges from 2 to 10 pounds, with handles measuring 18 to 36 inches in length.


Design and Comfort

Design and comfort are vital factors when purchasing a cold steel war hammer. There are different types of handles available, such as round, D-shaped, or flat handles, which can affect your grip and control during use. Consider your comfort and needs when choosing a handle. Additionally, ensure that the hammer’s balance is even, as it can impact your swing speed and accuracy. Always try a few designs to find the one that feels most comfortable to you.

Quality and Maintenance

Quality and maintenance are essential aspects when investing in a cold steel war hammer. Look for a reputable brand with a history of providing durable and reliable products. A good quality hammer will have a welded joint and no loose rivets, ensuring a solid connection between the handle and head. Remember to maintain your hammer by cleaning it regularly, oiling the joint, and sharpening the edge as needed.



What is the Cold Steel War Hammer?

The Cold Steel War Hammer is a martial arts training tool designed to replicate the weight and feel of a real war hammer. It is made from high-quality stainless steel and features a unique, ergonomic design for comfortable and effective training. The Cold Steel War Hammer is ideal for practicing strikes, blocks, and other combat techniques with a war hammer.

Despite its name, the Cold Steel War Hammer is not intended for actual combat. It is specifically designed for training purposes and comes with a detailed instruction manual to help users get the most out of their training sessions. The training benefits of using the Cold Steel War Hammer extend beyond just combat techniques; it can also improve overall strength, endurance, and coordination.


What are the dimensions of the Cold Steel War Hammer?

The dimensions of the Cold Steel War Hammer vary depending on the model. However, the standard model typically measures approximately 19.8 inches (50.3 cm) in length (including the handle), 3.5 inches (9 cm) in width at the head, and 11.8 inches (30 cm) from the bottom of the handle to the end of the grip. The weight is around 3.2 pounds (1.5 kg) without the packaging and protective cap. Please double-check the specifications for the model you are interested in.

While the dimensions may seem daunting, the Cold Steel War Hammer is designed to be light and easy to handle, even for those who have never trained with a war hammer before. However, it is essential to practice proper technique and form to ensure safe and effective training sessions. The manufacturer also offers different grip sizes and weights to accommodate various training needs.

What materials is the Cold Steel War Hammer made from?

The Cold Steel War Hammer is made from high-quality stainless steel, a durable and low-maintenance material suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The stainless steel construction ensures that the tool will maintain its shape and resilience through heavy usage, making it an ideal choice for martial arts training and combat sports.

The handle of the Cold Steel War Hammer is designed with a rubber grip for security and comfort during training sessions. This grip is slip-resistant and comfortable to hold, even during long or intense workouts. The grip is also replaceable if it gets damaged or worn out over time, ensuring lasting durability.


How does the Cold Steel War Hammer help in martial arts training?

The Cold Steel War Hammer is an excellent tool for martial arts training due to its ability to simulate the feel and weight of a real war hammer. It allows practitioners to hone their striking techniques, improve their focus and accuracy, and develop proper form and posture. The tool’s unique design provides a realistic training experience, helping users prepare for real-life combat situations or competitions in combat sports.

Moreover, the Cold Steel War Hammer can be used as a versatile training tool for strength and conditioning exercises, such as swings, lifts, and throws. The combination of resistance training and striking techniques can help improve overall fitness, flexibility, and stamina. By incorporating the Cold Steel War Hammer into your martial arts training, you can enhance your performance and achieve your fitness goals more efficiently.

What is the warranty for the Cold Steel War Hammer?

The Cold Steel War Hammer comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The manufacturer ensures that the product will be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the tool. If a defect is discovered, the warranty covers the cost of repair or replacement of the product, subject to certain conditions.

It is essential to note that the warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, abuse, or neglect of the product. To ensure the warranty remains valid, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage. The warranty also applies only to the original purchaser of the product and is non-transferable.

Is the Cold Steel War Hammer suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Cold Steel War Hammer is suitable for beginners as well as experienced martial artists. The tool is designed to be light and easy to handle, making it an excellent choice for those new to training with a war hammer. It also comes with a detailed instruction manual to help users get started and safely use the weapon for training.

However, it is essential for beginners to practice proper technique and form, as well as to seek guidance from a qualified instructor if necessary. This will help prevent injuries and ensure that they are getting the most out of their training sessions. As with any training tool, it is crucial to use the Cold Steel War Hammer responsibly and under the supervision of a knowledgeable individual.